Vintage People Magazine Covers That Are Hilariously Dated Today

If there’s one thing that quickly becomes dated and hilarious as they get older, it’s tabloid magazines covers. In the U.S., daily tabloids first appeared in the form of the New York Daily News in 1919. Soon after, came two more magazines, New York Daily Mirror, and New York Evening Graphic – which both came out in the 1920s.

Those three tabloids had an intense competition among them to see which publication could cover the most scandalous stories in the form of crime, sex, and entertainment news.

Today, there are several different formats of tabloids that cover three different types of markets: upmarket, which refers to a publication that is oriented toward more educated and more wealthy people, middle-market, which refers to “popular” tabloids, and then there’s downmarket, which refers to a type of sensational newspapers, ones that might have the most gossip, rumors, and crime stories.

Check out some of these older People Magazine covers to see the difference from just a few years ago: