8 US Presidential Assassination Attempts That Failed

In the history of the United States, there have been a lot of presidential assassination attempts. Since John F. Kennedy, almost every president has been threatened with assassinations, except for LBJ. While most presidential assassination attempts weren’t actually carried out, there were still over 20 attempts that were. That’s quite a few considering we’re only on our 44th President. Of the 22 attempts, we lost Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley and JFK. But aside from the successful plots, there were also some really close calls. Here are 8 presidents we almost lost:

President Andrew Jackson

On January 30, 1835, Andrew Jackson became the first victim of presidential assassination attempts. Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter, approached the President on the Capitol steps. The shot was fired as Jackson was leaving a funeral at the Capitol building. Luckily for Jackson, he had misfired.

A furious Stonewall Jackson confronted his attacker, clubbing him several times with his cane. During the scuffle, Lawrence drew a second pistol but again misfired. He was then dragged away by the President’s aides. Lawrence was later convicted as mentally unstable and spent the rest of his life in an asylum. Historians later found that the odds of both guns misfiring were 1 in 125,000. Lucky Jackson.