Donald Trump’s Most Fanatical Fans In 22 Photos

The ascension of Trump is not random, it has been decades in the making. Citizens are fed up with the political status quo and empty rhetoric of past leaders. They want an alpha figure who will come along and put their money where their mouth is, demanding tangible results instead of pandering to special interests. So is candidate Trump the solution to America’s ills? When you ask these Donald Trump fans, they will shout wholeheartedly “YES PLEASE!” while fervently jumping up and down for the Donald.

Let’s take a look at the most memorable characters on the Trump campaign trail.

The 'OMG!' Lady

This lovely woman, Robin Roy, became a recurring face on Reddit and other internet meme sites for her exaggerated expression upon seeing Trump face-to-face.

The moment took place in Lowell, Massachusetts during a point in the rally when Donald was signing autographs. Roy admits she was embarrassed when the photos first emerged, but claims to “love Trump so much, that I really don’t care what people think. I don’t care.”

Within minutes of exiting the rally, Roy’s daughters noticed the photos had started popping up all over social media. Memes galore featured Trump’s hair photoshopped on her head, while others depicted Trump opening his trench coat and exposing himself to her.