Coolest Igloos Ever Made (No Pun Intended), Wait Til You See How They Made It!

How do you keep an engineering student busy during winter break? You give him 500 colored ice bricks and tell him to build something.

igloo-1 igloo-2igloo-3 igloo-4 igloo-5 igloo-6 igloo-7 igloo-8 igloo-9 igloo-10

A mother from Edmonton, Brigid Burton, filled 500 paper cartons with colored water and let them freeze into bricks…not yet knowing what they would be used for. However when Brigid’s daughter Kathleen came home with boyfriend (and engineering student) Daniel, a beautiful plan came together. The three, along with friends and family, built the most epic igloo of all…the rainbow igloo. It’s safe to say that igloo architecture will never be the same.

Source: Colossal | Imgur