Bad Things That Happen To People When They Win The Lottery

With a Powerball jackpot totaling $1.3 billion, the lottery has never been this intriguing. Despite the perceived greatness of gaining that much money, winning the lottery isn’t always a good thing. Sound crazy? Think again. History is not on the side of the winners. In fact, many have ended up broke, or even dead, within the few years after their victory. These anecdotes are sad and confusing, but shockingly true.

1. Son Steals Mom’s Winnings

Sometimes you can’t even trust your own family. Etta May Urquhart learned this truth firsthand, when she won the lottery in 2012. She was so nervous to sign the physical paperwork accepting her cash that she had her son sign on her behalf. Sadly, son Ronnie went on a spending spree with the $51 million. He never liked her.