20 Animals You’ll Be Glad Are Extinct

At this point in our history, it’s pretty hard to get eaten by something. You basically have to tell a tiger his girlfriend’s ugly, or swim through the ocean with a dead seal strapped to your chest. But that wasn’t always the case. Nature of yester-aeon was a living nightmare, and we were mercifully spared the majority of it. Dodging sabretooth tigers couldn’t have been a walk in the park, but it’s better than being stung by a scorpion the size of a golden retriever. These 20 animals are some of the scariest in the history of animals, and for the most part, we should give thanks that they’re extinct.

1. Anomalocaris

“Anomalocaris” translates to “abnormal shrimp,” a fitting name for this hellish creature that even Vegans would beat to death with sticks without second thought. They were basically huge, murderous seamonkeys, that used those horrible spiked raker appendages to capture other sea creatures. Their eyes had over 30,000 lenses, which means they probably had the best eyesight of any living thing when it was alive.