26 Woodstock Photos That Show The Magic Of 1969

It was the summer of 1969. Under the blustering August sun, a musical revolution was born. The Woodstock Music & Art Fair was scheduled over three days on a dairy farm in the small rural town of White Lake, New York. With 32 iconic acts and an audience of 400,000 people, Woodstock Festival turned into a pivotal moment in music and counterculture history, so much so that Rolling Stone listed it as one of the 50 moments that change the history of rock and roll.

Rain or Shine

iconic pictures at Woodstock 1969

Attendees of the historic festival have fond memories of the experience to this day. As they say, “if you weren’t there there, you’ll never know.” Although none of us can travel back in time to experience the magic for ourselves, these iconic photos help bring Woodstock back to life. Click next to learn more about the festival and see what went down.

man playing guitar at Woodstock 1969