21 Times News Reporting Didn’t Go As Planned

What’s the beauty of 24-hour news channels? Well, besides their attractive reporters… it’s the joy of waiting for something embarrassing to happen to them. Mathematically, the longer a live broadcast airs, the greater the chances are for a mistake. Or if you’re lucky, multiple mistakes.

Perhaps one of the greatest threats or gaffes that news organizations have to deal with these days are the possibility of hoaxes – which seem to multiply every year. Many times, the news site or publication only catches on days later and then have to reluctantly retract their articles and statements.

Mother Nature Gets Sassy


Poor Holly. No matter what she does with her career, this footage will never go away. For those who think mother nature can’t communicate, here’s proof to the contrary.  This GIF, fortunately, is from the television show, The Class. Although crazier things have happened in real life. A flying stop sign isn’t the worst a reporter has had…