15 Celebrities That Foreclosed On Their Mansions

You’d think that being famous would make you pretty much invincible. Unlimited social opportunities, unlimited finances, unlimited luxury. But it’s not the case. Lots of famous people have trouble holding onto their earnings. Their millions don’t just get lost in the couch cushions, either. Personal vices and bad decisions have claimed untold riches over the years.

The celebs on this list all put down some serious cash for their places of residence. But none of them can call their mansions “home” any longer. They were all foreclosed upon.


1. O.J. Simpson

O.J. Simpson has been in the public eye for most of his adult life, and for the majority of that time, it hasn’t been in a favorable light. He went from NFL superstar to public enemy #1 in the 1990’s when he was the prime suspect in a double murder case. He’s also been arrested and sentenced for armed robbery. Money problems follow him as well. He bought a Kendall, Florida mansion for about five and a half thousand dollars. It was recently sold to an unnamed bidder for $655,000.