16 People Who Became Famous From Their Commercials

Have you ever seen a commercial and wondered, “Who is that actor?” The truth is, there are TONS of commercial actors living in Los Angeles, but only a micro-fraction of a percent will ever land these coveted roles that both pay well, and help to jump start their careers. The following commercial actors may have won the entertainment lottery, but they have also become memorable brand ambassadors for their products. Who are they? Find out.

1. Diane Amos - Pine Sol


The first of our commercial actors is a face we know and love from the Pine Sol ads. Diane Amos is a San Francisco-based actress and comedian, but her charm and overall pleasantness has made her extremely popular with TV audiences while earning her tons of cash in the process. Since 1993, Amos has been synonymous with the Pine Sol lady, but she still performs in films and stage plays while also contributing to the well-being of her community.