16 Historic Photos That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

Depending on who you ask, we either live in a world in which all phenomena can be accounted for rationally, or we don’t. Are we standing on the shore of a vast ocean of phenomena we don’t understand? Or are we watching the tide recede, as science explains the seemingly inexplicable? These photos are all good examples of things that defy easy explanation, and they’re creepy enough to make you check under your bed at night.

1. Stephen Michalak’s Burns

Stephen Michalak, pictured above, has been a controversial figure in UFO lore since his alleged encounter in 1967. Michalak claims he was hunting for minerals in Whiteshell Park, Manitoba, when he spotted two flying saucers in the sky. One of them landed close by, and he observed it for half an hour before a hatch opened on its underside. He poked his head in and saw a control room, before the craft zipped off and blasted him in the chest with exhaust from a vent. His shirt lit on fire and he suffered a strange wound. Obviously, many people think the story is completely made-up.