15 Fascinating Abandoned Ships Throughout The World

It’s amazing how some of the most beautiful ships ever constructed have been left for dead. But why would somebody do this? Well, many times when a ship is involved in a wreck, it becomes ostensibly unrecoverable. In other words, the financial cost of a proper restoration can be very steep, leaving the owners, and authorities, no other option but to let these ships lie in wait… indefinitely.

1. Costa Concordia

One of the most notorious incidents in passenger ship history involved the crash of the Italian cruise ship, the Costa Concordia. In January of 2012, the enormous vessel struck a reef off the coast of Isola del Giglio, near Tuscany. After all was said and done, 32 people lost their lives, and the captain was imprisoned for manslaughter. The ship was valued at $500 million, and it was declared a “total loss.”